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04 March 2014 @ 07:05 am
[sticky post] Welcome  

✕ Welcome to aftermerlin, a community for all fanworks about characters played by the Merlin cast, after Merlin (before and during Merlin are cool too, that just didn't fit into a snappy username).

✕ Fanworks can be in any medium, such as fanfic, artwork, vids, meta, anything you can create. They can be about any character played by an actor or actress that has been featured in Merlin, no matter how small or large the part. Please don't post Merlin fanworks here, as much as I love them, there are already communities for that. Crossovers with Merlin characters and Non-Merlin characters however are fine.

✕ The idea to make this community came about while thinking where the ever loving heck can I post my Mojo fic? What about my Dracula fic? And Confessions of Dorian Gray, what about that? and eventually, the list is going to get so long that I'd have to create forty communities to keep up with my favourite actors careers. So bippity boppity boop, here we are.

✕ Please read through the Rules & FAQ before posting.

✕ I hope you enjoy the community, perhaps discover new projects involving the actors and have some fun with some smaller fandoms :)

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