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04 March 2014 @ 09:46 am
Rules & FAQ  

I'm pretty easy going so there aren't going to be a whole lot of rules. But there have to be a few to stop us imploding and here they are:

1) No abuse, flaming, trolling, kink shaming, actor/character/pairing/show bashing of any kind. In short, don't be rude or horrible to anyone. In cases of this rule being broken, you will receive one warning. If you persist, you will be booted.

2) No plagiarism. This should go without saying nowadays but please don't steal others work and pass it off as your own. If you would like to make a rec, you're more than welcome to but make sure you list the original creator and link to their work rather than reproducing it. In the case of plagiarism, this is a zero tolerance community and you will be reported and banned.

3) Please stay on topic. While I'm sure we love other characters in the shows our actors have moved onto, this isn't the place to love on them unless there is a character played by a Merlin actor involved. And as I said in the welcome, this isn't the place for Merlin fanworks, as much as well all love that show. Thankfully there are plenty of communities for Merlin <3

4) Please keep the posting requirements and our tagging system in mind when you post. Posting is set to moderated so I will return posts that are missing the basics.

5) Because Merlin was a family friendly show, we might have members that are under 18. On the other hand, some shows and movies the actors have moved onto are not suitable for younger members, not to mention fic can be of all ratings and genres. So if you are posting adult materials, be that NC17 fic or NSFW art, I ask that you please set the Adult Content setting to "explicit" before you post. Again, posts that fail to do this will be rejected but you're welcome to resubmit with the correct setting.

6) If you see any rule being broken or you have any concerns, please report them to me either via the Page-a-Mod post (all comments are screened) or via PM. I'm not omniscient and I may miss things, please don't feel shy to tell me to get on something that needs my attention.


What can and can't be posted here?
Shortly put, any fanworks involving our actors as characters in other projects. So this isn't a news site for the actors, it's not a place for RPF and it's not a place for Merlin works. Fanworks in this case means anything made by a fan, be that fic, art, podfic, meta, vids, knitted jumpers that tell the future, if you've made it, we want it.

Put it less shortly, what do you mean by "any fanworks involving our actors as characters in other projects"?
Well, as awful as it is to think about, Merlin did end and our beloved actors are doing other things. Except Bradley who seems to be The Once and Future Actor who will return when Show Business' need is greatest. But in general, we've got a whole host of other shows and films that we can see our actors in again and that excites my inner fangirl. And when my inner fangirl is excited, she makes things. But currently, I have nowhere to post these things. And I could make a Mojo community for my Skinny fic and then a Dracula community for my Lucy Westenra fic and then a Musketeers community for my Aramis fic and a Black Sails community for my Billy Bones...and so on and so forth until I go mad. And then something correlated in my brain and I though, why don't I just make one that covers all bases.

So, give me some example of what I can/can't post...
Ok, so take Dracula for example, which stars our lovely Miss McGrath - you can post any fanwork which involves her character, Lucy Westenra, be that on her own, in a 'ship, in a moresome or in an ensemble. What you can't post for Dracula would be things like a Mina Murray/Jonathan Harker fic or a Lady Jayne/Alexander fic. You could also cross the character over with a Merlin one if you wished, for example Lucy Westenra/Merlin, but you couldn't post a purely Merlin fic, for example Morgana/Merlin nor if the other character is not a Merlin alumni, for example, Mina Murray/Arthur.

So no Merlin at all? Why have you got Merlin in the username then?
With the exception of crossovers, no Merlin please. This includes all AUs, even ones taking place after Merlin canon or in the universes of other shows (for example, a Merlin AU set in the Dracula 'verse wouldn't be allowed unless it involves Lucy Westenra). The community is called after Merlin, we want the focus to be on the actors work other than Merlin.

So it can only be projects worked on after Merlin, not any during or before?
Projects from points in the actor's career before Merlin, such as Angel's character in As If, or things they worked on during their time on Merlin, such as Colin's character in Parked, are also welcome. I just couldn't make before, during and after Merlin a.k.a anything involving the actors when they're not in Merlin... fit in the username box.

What are these projects, I've only ever seen them in Merlin!
I will put together a list of things the actors have done other than Merlin soon, keep your eyes peeled.
Edit: I've started The List, please bear with me as I work on it.

What ratings/genres are allowed? Can I post my gen works? Can I post my explicit works?
So long as it's based on fictional characters and labelled correctly, you can post any genre or rating. If your work is NC17 or NSFW, please mark it as containing explicit adult content when posting.

Why isn't RPF allowed? What if I set it after Merlin?
RPF isn't allowed because there are communities there already for RPF and so far as I know, they don't discriminate when/where the RPF is set. This community is for fics that wouldn't really be allowed in the Merlin ones, to give them a home that they don't have anywhere else.

I mod a community, would you like to be affiliates?
I would love to, just drop your community name down in the Page-a-Mod and I'll add you to our list.

I just made a general community for one of the fandoms featured here, or a pairing specific community, or a character specific community, can I promote it here?
Please do, even if we're watching the show/film/whatever for the Merlin actor, we'd be interested the fandom as a whole.

Talking of promotion, can we promote this community?
You sure can! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pet cat who is trying to help you type this FAQ (or is that just me?). You can also promote us using by posting something like this:

A community for fanworks involving other characters played by Merlin actors!

You haven't answered my question!
If you have a question I haven't answered here or if you want me to be more specific about an answer, please feel free to ask below and I will get back to you as soon as I can and add it to the FAQ for future reference.

When posting, please be sure to include a title, fandom, characters/pairing, summary, rating, warnings and link. If you would like to post the work in the body of your entry, please put it under a lj-cut. If you are posting a rec, please include the maker's name and a link to where they have it posted rather than directly posting it the work in the body of your entry. If you are posting adult content, please use the explicit adult content setting.

Here is a little template to use if you so wish, feel free to add to it or use your own so long as it covers these basics;

Title: Whatever you've chosen to name your work.
Fandom: The fandom the work is for.
Characters/Pairings: The characters or pairing involved in your work. Saying ensemble is fine if there are a lot.
Summary: A quick summary of your work.
Rating: G, PG, PG13, R or NC17 / SFW or NSFW
Warnings: Please see Kink Me Merlin's list of warnings and use that as a guide. Or say that you "choose not to use warnings". If none apply, you can put "none".
Link: Link us to your work or post it under an lj-cut please.


Please tag for fandom, characters played by (the actor), type, genre and rating. Most tags will be set up as needed so if the one you want is missing, please leave a note at the bottom saying so and I will fix it.

Thank you for reading through all that and I hope you enjoy the community :)