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04 March 2014 @ 12:47 pm
The Fandoms Masterlist  

Divided into categories, featuring the shows/films/plays they have starred in, in chronological order where possible, the character they played and links where available. Simply put, if a character is on this list, they are fair game in this community. If I've missed any, please let me know in a comment and I'll add them as soon as I can.


CORE CHARACTERS (a.k.a those featured in the credits)

Angel Coulby (Gwen)
Scariest Places on Earth (TV Series) - Awassa Tact
'Orrible (TV Series) - Shiv
Casualty (TV Series) - Sally
Having It Off (TV Series) - Kylie Riley
A Good Thief (TV Movie) - Leah Pickering
The Second Coming (TV Series) - PC Louise Fraser
Manchild (TV Series) - Pippa
Making Waves (TV Series) - LMA Anita Cook
As If (TV Series) - Amber
Conviction (TV Series) - Jemma Ryan
Holby City (TV Series) - Maxine Framley
The Jacket (Film) - Intern No. 2
Murder Investigation Team (TV Series) - Lee Allanson
The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (Film) - Receptionist
Imagine Me & You (Film) - Anna
Vincent (TV Series) - Gillian Lafferty
Hustle (TV Series) - Alice
Doctor Who (TV Series) - Katherine
The Bill (TV Series) - Zoe Hughes
Tripping Over (TV Series) - Charity
Magicians (Film) - Receptionist
Gina's Laughing Gear (TV Series) - Nurse Jones
Secret Life (TV Movie) - Young Mum
New Street Law (TV Series) - Sharon Weir
Talk to Me (TV Series) - Faith
The Visit (TV Series) - Rachael
Life Is Wild (TV Series) - Lynette
Blue Murder (TV Series) - Kate Malin
Dancing on the Edge (TV Series) - Jessie Taylor
The Tunnel (TV Series) - Laura Roebuck
Thunderbirds Are Go! (TV Series) - Kayo [Still In Production]

Anthony Head (Uther)
---Coming Soon---

John Hurt (Kilgharrah)
---Coming Soon---

Bradley James (Arthur)
Lewis (TV Series) - Jack Roth
Dis/Connected (TV Movie) - Ben
Portobello 196 (Short) - Jude
Fast Girls (Film) - Carl

Katie McGrath (Morgana)
Damage (Film) - Rachel
Pebble (Short) - Tara
Eden (Film) - Trisha
The Tudors (TV Series) - Bess
Freakdog/Red Mist (Film) - Harriet Chambers
The Roaring Twenties (TV Series) - Vixen
The Queen (TV Series) - Princess Margaret
W.E. (Film) - Lady Thelma Furness
A Princess for Christmas - Jules Daly
Labyrinth (TV Series) - Oriane Congost
Tríd an Stoirm (Short) - Alice/Banshee
Dates (TV Series) - Kate Foster
Dracula (TV Series) - Lucy Westenra
Leading Lady (Film) - Jodi Rutherford [Still In Production]

Colin Morgan (Merlin)
Vernon God Little (Play) - Vernon Little
All About My Mother (Play) - Esteban
The Catherine Tate Show (TV Series) - John Leary
A Prayer for My Daughter (Play) - Jimmy Rosario
Doctor Who (TV Series) - Jethro Cane
Parked (Film) - Cathal O'Regan
Island (Film) - Calum
Our Private Life (Play) - Carlos
The Tempest (Play) - Ariel
Mojo (Play) - Skinny
Quirke (TV Series) - Jimmy Minor
A Testament of Youth (Film) - Victor Richardson [Still In Production]

Nathaniel Parker (Agravaine)
---Coming Soon---


Santiago Cabrera (Lancelot)
---Coming Soon---

Adetomiwa Edun (Elyan)
Macbeth (Play) - Macbeth
The Fixer (TV Series) - Young Guy
Romeo and Juliet (Play) - Romeo
Law and Order: UK (TV Series) - Lloyd Benson
The Hour (TV Series) - Sey Ola
Dara Ju (Short) - Tunde Akande

Tom Hopper (Percival)
Casualty (TV Series) - Hugh 'Chewy' Mullen
Saxon (Film) - Fishmonger
Kingdom (TV Series) - Soldier
Doctors (TV Series) - Josh Mullen
Tormented (Film) - Marcus
Doctor Who (TV Series) - Jeff
I Think, Therefore (Short) - Oli
Good Cop (TV Series) - Andy Stockwell
Knights of Badassdom (Film) - Guthner
Black Sails - Billy Bones (TV Series)
Northmen: A Viking Saga (Film) - Asbjörn [Still In Production]
Cold (Film) - Tom [Still In Production]

Eoin Macken (Gwaine)
Triple Bill (Short) - The Gunman
Studs (Film) - Tosh
Fair City (TV Series) - Gavin Cluxton
Christian Blake (Film) - Christian
Fifth Street (Short) - Janitor
Once Upon a Time in Dublin - Ethan Linksy
Pubworld (TV Movie) - Chuck Madsen
Savage (Film) - Gym Changing Room Guy 2
The Rise of the Bricks (Film) - Dennis
Small Island (TV Movie) - Calhoon
Through the Night (Short) - Jay
Dreaming for You (Film) - Adam
Raw (TV Series) - Jack
Centurion (Film) - Achivir
The Tudors (TV Series) - English Officer #1
Siren (Film) - Ken
The Inside (Film) - The Man
Paddy's in the Boot (Film) - Sean Ennis
Suspension of Disbelief (Film) - Greg
The Callback Queen - Prince Cal
The Night Shift - TC Callahan [Still In Production]
Cold (Film) - Jack [Still In Production]

Alexander Vlahos (Adult!Mordred)
Crash (TV Series) - Dylan
Pen Talar (TV Series) - Iolo
Doctors (TV Series) - Lewis Cutler
All Shook Up! (TV Series) - Dafydd Hibbard
The Indian Doctor (TV Series) - Tom Evans
Bright Lights (Short) - Steff
The Tower (TV Movie) - Tom
Truth or Dare/Truth or Die (Film) - Luke
Privates (TV Series) - Private Keenan
Confessions Of Dorian Gray (Audio Drama) - Dorian Gray
Macbeth (Play) - Malcolm
Fortune's Fool (Play) - Yeletsky

Rupert Young (Leon)
Island At War (TV Series) - British Soldier
Dirty Filthy Love (TV Series) - Josh
Doc Martin (TV Series) - Adrian Pitts
Foyle's War (TV Series) - Armed Guard
Heartbeat (TV Series) - Zak
Primeval (TV Series) - Mike
Just Because You're Paranoid... (Short) - Derek
Hotel Babylon (TV Series) - Justice
Shameless (TV Series) - Marc Arlington
Doctor Who (TV Series) - Roman [Uncredited]
This Love (Short) - Other Man
The White Queen (TV Series) - Sir William Herbert


Asa Butterfield (Kid!Mordred)
---Coming Soon---

Ben Daniels (Tristan)
---Coming Soon---

Laura Donnelly (Freya)
---Coming Soon---

Lindsay Duncan (Queen Annis)
---Coming Soon---

Emilia Fox (Morgause)
---Coming Soon---

Janet Montgomery (Mithian)
---Coming Soon---

Miranda Raison (Isolde)
---Coming Soon---

Michelle Ryan (Nimueh)
---Coming Soon---


Barry Aird (Beroun)
---Coming Soon---

Zee Asha (Audrey - a.k.a "The Cook")
---Coming Soon---

John Bradley (Tyr Seward)
---Coming Soon---

Maureen Carr (The Dochraid)
---Coming Soon---

Ed Coleman (Morris)
---Coming Soon---

Michael Cronin (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
---Coming Soon---

Liam Cunningham (Ruadan)
---Coming Soon---

David Durham (Tom - Gwen's Father)
---Coming Soon---

Tom Ellis (Cenred)
---Coming Soon---

Caroline Faber (Hunith)
---Coming Soon---

James Greene (Ferryman)
---Coming Soon---

Adam Godley (Jonas)
---Coming Soon---

Michael Jenn (Sidhe Elder)
---Coming Soon---

Gemma Jones (The Cailleach)
---Coming Soon---

Gary Lewis (Alator)
---Coming Soon---

John Lynch (Balinor)
---Coming Soon---

Calum MacPherson (Evoric)
---Coming Soon---

Terence Maynard (Helios)
---Coming Soon---

Stephen McCole (Ragnor)
---Coming Soon---

Fintan McKeown (Odin)
---Coming Soon---

Duncan Meadows (Ewan)
---Coming Soon---

Simon Nehan (Tom - Not Gwen's father, this Tom)
---Coming Soon---

Gary Oliver (Gregory)
---Coming Soon---

Sarah Parish (Lady Catrina)
---Coming Soon---

Alice Patten (Ygraine)
---Coming Soon---

Jake Phillips (Ghost Boy)
---Coming Soon---

Erin Richards (Eira)
---Coming Soon---

Sophie Rundle (Sefa)
---Coming Soon---

Trevor Sellers (Iseldir)
---Coming Soon---

Josette Simon (The Euchdag)
---Coming Soon---